Sterling Diligence Ups the Ante in Vendor and Third Party Due Diligence Innovation

Sterling Diligence (formerly Bishops® Services) is pleased to announce the launch of our leading due diligence and anti-corruption compliance solution that will enhance our ability to continue serving our clients at a high-touch level.

The Sterling GlobalIQ platform is a cloud-based solution that provides full life-cycle management of your company’s risk-based due diligence processes. It is configured to help you make better decisions, faster. Our platform successfully improves efficiency through features such as inbuilt industry leading workflows, false positive remediation, and third-party communications.

Our technology is secure, compliant, and contains a customizable dashboard enabling you to access real-time, accurate data from anywhere at any time. This includes views of a detailed audit trail and a variety of reports, such as on-going monitoring and specialized risk indicators.

Through the cloud you can verify third parties against over 130 million global company records and review their background against one of the world’s largest risk profile databases. It also identifies Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), corruption, terrorism and trafficking, human rights violations and other areas of risk.

All of this functionality is offered through our cost-effective, configurable enterprise platform that you can begin accessing in as early as one business day.

To learn more about how the Sterling GlobalIQ platform can automate and simplify your vendor and third-party due diligence compliance efforts click here.