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Sterling Diligence is a leading corporate due diligence, executive screening, and global investigations firm. Ethical, discreet, and trusted by leading Fortune Global 500 companies, we partner with clients to equip them to manage reputational and operational risks.

Sterling Diligence?

In-depth Analysis

Our comprehensive, in-depth findings and reports are accurate, thorough, and insightful - resulting in safer, smarter business decisions. Our investigations are specifically structured to reveal conflicts of interest, character issues, and other reputational risks to our clients.

Global Expertise

Our global network of field experts are licensed and certified with a breadth and depth of investigative experience you can rely on. In-market investigators understand local culture and how to navigate government nuances.

Relationships Built Over 120 Years

Uncover more information faster by leveraging relationships that have been developed and nurtured for decades. Sterling Diligence, in association with Bishops® and its 120-year history, is the most long-standing, trusted due diligence partner providing due diligence investigative reporting for individuals and businesses.

Consultative Approach

We customize and tailor solutions based on your business and budgetary needs and requirements. Our investigators are reliable and communicative throughout the investigations process.

Gain expert insight to make the most informed decisions.

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Pre-Investment Due Diligence

Move forward with confidence in new investments, acquisitions, or ventures. Our due diligence investigations are tailored to your needs and uncover crucial information for your next move.

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Executive Investigations

Our unparalleled research methodology and comprehensive pre-employment investigations reveal a 360 degree picture of an executive candidate’s background and credentials.

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Vendor & Trade Partner Compliance

We offer a complete and flexible cloud-based solution for conducting and managing due diligence. It minimizes risks, reduces costs, and simplifies complexities, making third-party compliance manageable.

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We are a leader in investigative due diligence and consulting services for Residency and Citizenship-by-Investment programs. Governments and their agents trust our global investigative expertise and strict attention to details.

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